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RELEASE BLITZ - Meant to Be by Melody Grace

Title: Meant to Be
Series: Sweetbriar Cove #1
Author: Melody Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 24, 2017


Come take a trip to Sweetbriar Cove: the small town where true love is guaranteed.

Poppy Somerville believes in happily-ever-after. It’s the reason her romance novels have won devoted readers all over the world – and why she’s broken off her engagement just weeks before the wedding instead of settling for less than true love. Escaping to her aunt’s beach cottage in Sweetbriar Cove, Poppy is looking for inspiration to break her writer’s block and finish her new book. She just wasn’t counting on the handsome, gruff contractor making such a racket next door…

Cooper Nicholson doesn’t believe in soul-mates. He thought he’d found his forever once, and the world proved him wrong, so when the cute brunette comes storming over and demands he keep the noise down, romance is the last thing on his mind. But his new neighbor is full of surprises, and soon, their chemistry is too hot to ignore.

As they grow closer, they discover fiction has nothing on the plot twists life has in store. But will Cooper find a way to let go of the past and risk his heart again? And can Poppy find her happy ending – on and off the page?

Find out in the new sweet and sexy small-town romance from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

The Sweetbriar Cove Series:
#1 Meant to Be – Feb 2017
#2 All for You – May 2017
#3 The Only One – August 2017

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Author Bio

NYT bestselling author, a SoCal transplant, and sexy romance junkie ;) I never say no to ice-cream...

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Cover reveal for Behind the Lens by Cassandra Giovanni!

Today is the cover reveal for Behind the Lens by Cassandra Giovanni. The cover is designed by Gio Design Studios. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

Behind the LensBehind the Lens (Boys of Fallout #2)
By Cassandra Giovanni
Genre: Coming of Age
Age category: Young Adult/ New Adult
Release Date: 14 March, 2017

Natalie Scott's life is simple with no strings attached. As a band photographer, she's made metal music her life, and life on tour means no relationships.

At least not ones that last and that's the way she likes it.

She only has one rule.

Don't date or otherwise screw around with the client.

But she never said anything about love.

Brent Andrews knows Natalie's rules.

And he's about to make sure he's an exception to them.

All of them.

Even ones she didn't know she had.

You can find Behind the Lens on Goodreads

You can pre-order Behind the Lens on Amazon.

I scrunch my nose up as I look at the door hanging open for us. "It's going to be a love fest in there, isn't it?"
Brent scratches his chin. "Honestly, every time the girls have shown up, I've had a girlfriend--so I've never really paid much attention."
I swallow, looking down at my shoes before looking over at him. "Was it a love fest for you?"
He blinks at me a few times, his lips in a stern line. "We don't just start fucking all over the bus."
I throw my hands up. "Hey, I know how it is. You haven't gotten laid in a few months and you get to see your significant other--"
"Is that all you think we think about?" he asks, a slight smirk on his face. "Or is that all you think about?"
My face burns red, and I shake my head. "No--not at all."
"Brent?" a woman's voice calls at our backs.
"Tay!" Brent replies as he turns, pulling her into a hug. "It's good to see you!"
Tay smiles as she pulls away from him. "I forgot how lovely you guys smell right after you get off stage."
I watch as Brent's face turns red, and he puts his hands in his pockets as he rocks on his heels. "Sorry, I haven't gotten a chance to shower."
She punches him in the shoulder. "Seriously, Brent? Believe me, Kie smells no better than you do. Speaking of which, where is he?"
Brent glances at me and then to the woman. She has long blonde hair curled into waves with ice blue eyes that are anything but cold. She smiles as she looks over at me, holding out her hand. "I'm sorry, this was rude of me--you must be Natalie, the photographer? I'm Taylor, Kie's girlfriend. Everyone calls me Tay."
I shake her hand. "You're the first one to actually introduce yourself to me. The other girls didn't even notice me at all."
She laughs, running a hand through her hair. "I'm sure if I saw Kie, I would've ignored you too!"
I nod over my shoulder. "Brent, go take a shower. I'll help Tay find wherever Kie ran off to."
Brent narrows his eyes at me, and I smile up at him. "You do smell."
He blinks at me. "And you smell any better?"
My eyes widen and he puts his hands up before backing slowly onto the tour bus.
"I'm sorry if I smell," I say as I look down at my damp tank top.
Taylor laughs. "You definitely don't smell like any of them do."
"Thanks," I reply. I nod towards the building. "I think he went somewhere inside the venue."
We fall into step with one another and she looks over at me with a slow smile. "So you...and Brent?"
My face burns and I feel a cold sweat building on my spine. I tell myself it's just the difference in temperature between the air-conditioned backstage and the heat of Arizona outside.
"No, not at all," I reply, and my voice cracks.
Because I'm thirsty. Who wouldn't be after the workout that is doing show photography?
She bites her lip. "Sorry, I didn't mean to assume--"
I put a hand up, laughing a bit too high pitched. "Believe me, I've gotten used to people assuming that."
"So do you?" she asks, biting her lip as she looks at me.
"Like him?" I finish her sentence.
She closes her eyes as we walk further into the venue and shakes her head. "You don't have to tell me. We don't know each other...It just seemed like you do."
An awkward silence falls over us, and I clear my throat. "Uh, I think I saw Kie go this way. All these places are so different -- crazy mazes."
I hear a muffled noise that sounds like Kie and head towards the door I think it's coming from. I open the door to peek my head in and blink as I stare at Kie with a half naked girl wrapped around him and his pants at his ankles. His eyes meet mine, going wide before I slam the door shut.
Taylor stands back behind me, and she swallows, staring at the closed door. "Anything?"
My hands go into fists as I try to control my facial expression. "Place has rats apparently."
Her eyes drop to the floor, and she nods. "Sometimes they do."
"Maybe he made it onto the bus by now?" I say, linking my arm in hers. Guilt washes over me as I try to act like I saw nothing.
Her body is stiff, and I can tell by the blank look in her eyes that she knows the way Kie is. "Sure, if not, I'm sure he'll make his way there eventually."
Silence falls over us as we make our way towards the bus. My chest tightens as I glance over at her, and I bite my lip before asking, "So it's that obvious?"
Taylor shakes her head, looking over at me and her friendly eyes have a dark hint to them as does her tone when she replies, "What?"
I feel the need to distract her from whatever is going on in her head.
"That I might be..." I suck my lips into my mouth before admitting, "A tiny bit attracted to Brent?"
Taylor bursts out laughing. "A tiny bit? And who says it's only obvious one way?"

Get book 1 in this series!
Out of Beat
Book one in this series Out of Beat is available now! You can buy a copy on Amazon

Cassandra GiovanniAbout the Author:
Cassandra doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character’s stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. Besides being a writer, Cassandra is a professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England their dogs, Bubski and Kanga.

For regular updates visit Cassandra’s website and sign up for her newsletter.

You can find and contact Cassandra here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Goodreads
- Instagram
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There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of Behind the Lens. One winner will win a swag pack including bookmarks and postcards (US only). And an ebook copy of the both books in the series, Out of Beat and Behind the Lens by Cassandra Giovanni.

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VBT# Royally Matched - Emma Chase

Royally Matched (Royally, #2)

Review: Royally Matched - Book #2 Royally Series - Emma Chase - February 2017

After enjoying book #1 in this series, I couldn't wait to read Emma Chase's new one in the Royally series. Royally Matched had everything I love about it from of course being written by a favourite author - Emma Chase to being a member of the Royal family - Prince Henry aka soon to be King Henry when his Grandmother passes, Reality TV - The Bachelor: Royal style and finally - Sarah - the main female character is a Librarian. It was like this book was written for me in mind. Those who have read Book #1 Royally Screwed will remember that Nicholas renounced his status of King-to-be and passed the reins over to his playboy brother Henry. For the past few months, Henry has been struggling with everything, and now the Queen aka Grandmother has banished him to one of the family estates till she cleans up his messes. During the banishment, Henry is approached by Vanessa - a tv producer who is wanting to make a TV series about Henry. Enter: The Bachelor: Royal Edition, where twenty royal aristocrats will play against one another to win Henry's love. One of those twenty Royals is Penelope Von Titebottum and accompanying her to make sure she keeps out of mischief and to help get her out of a Public Library Symposium where she is supposed to present a paper is Lady Sarah Von Titebottum. I loved the character of Sarah as she works in a library like myself and loves her books. As the tv show goes along and fewer princesses are left remaining, it seems that Sarah has captured Henry's attention.  Can Henry prove to Sarah that none of the other contestants mean anything and that he loves her or is Henry just putting on a show for the world? Do opposites attract with Royally Matched's Henry and Sarah? I thought that I had loved Royally Screwed, but sorry Book #1 - Royally Matched has taken your place as my favorite in the series.The other thing I enjoyed was getting to know the character's backstories as well - Royally Matched wasn't just a light-hearted chick lit romance read as it appears but also one that delved a bit deeper into the hidden secrets and quirks of both Henry and Sarah.
 If you love reading about Royalty and enjoy your HEA's, then Royally Matched by Emma Chase is the next Royal read for you.

VBT# College Life 101: Freshmen Orientation - JB Vample

Heading to college can be a big challenge and change for many, it is one of the American's passages of life and steps to Adulthood. In College Life 101: Freshman Orientation, we will meet a group of students starting their college lives. Each one will be from a different background, family and struggling with an issue and over time will discover that one of the most important things in college is creating friendships that will turn into lifelong relationships and that sometimes the person you least expect to be in your life will become your besties. In College 101 - we have Sidra, Chasity, Alexandra, Emily, and Malajia. Each girl will learn to be their person and in their first year of college overcome an obstacle that has them at a standstill. From Sidra - a prim and proper princess , Chasity - a girl who has never experienced love from her mother and has an attitude to kick , Alexandra who is like a mother hen dishing out advice and trying to solve everyone's problems , Emily - a shy and naive girl that needs to learn not to be a pushover and Malajia - an attention seeker who has to always be the centre of attention. Read College Life 101: Freshman Orientation as these five girls will learn to navigate through the halls of their first year of College through Classes, Friendships, Parties, and Boys.
 As I am a fan of College Life stories, I loved this book and am looking forward to the next Semester to see how the girls get on with Year #2.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

MISTER MONEYBAGS by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward - Cover Reveal


New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward have teamed up once again to bring you another chance meeting, another Cocky Bastard who will charm his way into your heart on April 10th, 2017.

Photographer: Maurizio Montani
Model: Richeli Murari
Cover designer: Letitia Hasser, r.b.a. designs


I met Bianca in an elevator.

She was on her way to interview me when we got stuck.

The beautiful, raven-haired reporter assumed I was a delivery guy because of the way I was dressed.

She had no clue I was really Dex Truitt, the wealthy, successful businessman she’d dubbed “Mister Moneybags”—her afternoon appointment.

Bianca told me how much she hated Dex’s type—snobby, over educated, silver- spooned men who didn't appreciate the simple things in life.

So, after the elevator finally started moving again, I cancelled the interview and let her believe I was someone I wasn’t—a bike messenger named Jay. I loved the way she looked at the fake me and didn't want it to end.

I began dating her as “Jay”—all the while letting her interview the real me over email.

I didn’t expect that our chemistry online would be just as hot.

I didn’t expect the mess I’d gotten myself into.

I didn’t expect that Jay and Dex would fall in love with her.

And she was falling for two men.

Only, both men were me.

And when she found out, we were both going to lose her.

Nothing could have prepared me for that day. And I certainly wasn't prepared for what came after.

All good things must come to an end, right? Except our ending was one I didn't see coming.


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  MisterMoneybagsBookCover5x8_BW_264           Author photo

Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author. With more than a million books sold, her titles have appeared in over fifty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twelve languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.   Website | Facebook Fan Group | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   


Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She’s a fifteen-time New York Times bestseller of twelve novels. Having grown up in Boston with five older brothers, she spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 12-year-old girl with autism and a 10-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.   Connect with Penelope Ward Facebook Fan Group | Facebook | Website |Twitter | Instagram  

Review: Riptide - Michelle Mankin

Image result for Riptide Michelle Mankin 

Riptide (Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances, #2)

Review: Riptide - Book #2 Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances Series - Michelle Mankin - February 2017

What do you get when a favorite author brings together three of your favorite things in one book? An awesome story, that's what. When I saw that Riptide had been released, I knew I had to read it as I love everything by Michelle Mankin.  Rock stars - I love music when it comes to books and if I could play any instrument, I had always fancied either the drums or bass/electric guitar. Surf - again if I had been brought up by water, then I think I would have loved to be a surfer as out in the waves you have that feeling of freedom and last but not least Second Chance romances - this is what I am truly a sucker for. I do enjoy instant love romances, but nothing beats the happiness of second chance romances, those where both parties finally realize they are meant to be together despite all the obstacles that are thrown in their ways. Riptide is split into two parts, but technically it's three.  Patch has died and now his widow Karen is back in their hometown working at the Surf shop, she still teaches surfing but her heart is still raw, and it pains her to be near the pier as it was their spot. Ramon Martinez had returned after taking a break from music as everything fell apart when Patch - his best friend died. Ramon had always loved Karen but had moved aside when Patch claimed her as his girl, there were moments he wanted her, but he waited. Now Patch has gone the pair can move on slowly. I had loved how the pair were finally making a go of things, and they were looking up and then OMFG out of nowhere tragedy hits. I was like WTF Nooooooooo !!! this can't be the end as they are just making things work. I was like what an evil thing to do. The book then jumps to the past where Karen first met Ramon and Patch and leads up to the day Patch died. Then the last part gives the reader the questioning of whether Ramon and Karen will finally get their HEA or are they destined to have love lost? Is this a second chance romance destined to work after all the tragic moments or will this be one of those loves where you know they are meant to be together but for some reason - they can never be. 
 Riptide played with my emotions especially in the middle of the book, and as my partner can confirm I was like NOOOOOOOOOO this can't be happening, the book isn't supposed to go like this LOL.
 If you are like me and love your sand, surf, rock stars and second chance romances, then pick up your copy of Riptide today.
P.S - the other thing I loved about this book was the crossovers of the two record companies which we have seen in Michelle Mankin's previous book and other series. 

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